FCC DTV analog vs digital coverage maps

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>Remember that the FCC assumes that all OTA television viewers have  an<
>outdoor antenna 30 feet above ground.<
I know this fact very well. When I was at NBC I was the one NBC  affiliites 
would would direct calls from viewers to call to  get approval to get the 
network on their satellite dishes. 
The stations would tell them they needed a 30ft antenna and they would  flip 
out over it. They didn't want to upset their local viewer so they blamed  the 
network for this rule and it was actually the individual station's  call. They 
could have easily approved his themselves and was entirely the local  
affiliates call. They didn't want to because, at the time, such  approval would have 
opened the dish to ALL of the networks. So I would sent them  back to the 
affiliate and told them to tell the affiliate to call me if they had  any 
questions. There were times that I woul dhave to have NBC's communication's  attorney 
call an individual station to explain it to them.
Was very happy that this rule regarding home dishes was  removed. Viewers 
really want more than just their MTV.

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