WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Fri Jan 2 01:03:57 EST 2009

John Maihos wrote:

> I think Morgan just wants to keep the show on wrestling, but he did 
> mention that letters and calls to the station might make a difference, 
> similar to a situation with the Brudnoy show.

It would be nice to think so, and I'd very much like to believe that the 
powers that be at Soldiers Field Road would like to be able to reverse 
the decision...but I'm guessing the budget pressures behind this 
decision are coming from a level much higher than Allston.

Could a huge flood of letters and postcards and e-mails give Boston's 
management the ammunition to make the case to New York to free up the 
money needed to bring Steve back? Again, I'd love to think that's 
so...but in this day and age, it would probably just mean some other 
huge, nasty cut getting made somewhere else, and the effect would be the 
same in the end: the content gets thinner, the audience drifts away, the 
death spiral continues apace.

The long run? That's not Wall Street's problem, and if an entire 
industry gets murdered along the way...well, that's not Wall Street's 
problem, either.

(And yeah, I'm still angry.)


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