More on the FD

Donna Halper
Fri Feb 27 17:16:33 EST 2009

>Bob wrote--
>But no, I'm glad liberal talk will have to compete in the free 
>market. But hark, did you
>see the 12 plus (yup, 12 plus, not 25-54s) ratings for Washington 
>D.C.'s "Obama 1260"?
>These were for the station --WWRC--before they switched to business 
>talk; they came in
>38th place (hence the format change).

Oh dear.  More cherry-picking of facts.  The Washington affiliate 
that did progressive talk had an AWFUL signal, and I can say that 
without any bias because I used to work in DC, and you couldn't hear 
WWDC in about half of the market.  Note that Ed Schultz landed 
immediately, and on an otherwise all-rightie station.  I expect 
Stephanie Miller to also land on another DC station very 
soon.  Nearly every format on WWDC has had trouble over the past few 
years.  And as I have said on more than one occasion, progressive 
talk as a format may or may not succeed, whereas individual talkers 
like Ed, Rachel, Thom Hartmann, and Stephanie, are getting some very 
good numbers on a number of stations.  Thom Hartmann was just named 
to the top ten most influential talkers in the USA by Talkers 
Magazine, hardly a liberal publication.  Last year, Ed Schultz was in 
the top ten as well (I think Ed is #12 this year-- still not 
bad).  Keep in mind too, Bob, that not every rightie talker gets big 

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