Clyde Joy Country Music - Channels 9 and 8??

John Bolduc
Tue Feb 24 10:38:01 EST 2009

My wife and I were discussing the Grandy Daddy of Country Music in New England, Clyde Joy, who recently passed away at age 92.

My wife lived right next door to Mazzie and Clyde for about a dozen years. I had the pleasure of being invited over for meals on a few occasions. My wife was over there much more often. At times I pick here up there for a date, rather than at her house.

I remember Clyde Joy and Willie Mae (wife #2) being on channel 9 WMUR TV for ages. I also remember the Circle 9 Ranch in Epsom. My wife's aunt and uncle lived adjacent to the ranch.

According to:

"He later appeared with Clyde Joy and the Country Folks on Channel 8, Poland Springs, Maine, and WMUR-TV in Manchester, New Hampshire."

Question is:

Did Clyde do a unique show for both channels 8 and 9, or was one show done for channel 9 and bicylced up to channel 8.  I have no recollection at all of the show being on Channel 8.

Bonus question.
Does anybody remember Clyde's Cadillac Camper. Last time I checked it was still in the yard on North Main Street in Salem NH!

John B

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