WRZE change to WEII

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Yes, and I recall listening to Phil Redo and others many, many years ago on 
either 1240 or 1170 when they were great little cape stations.

Same thing that has happened here that has happened to so many other great 
little radio stations everywhere.


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Gee, and I remember when that frequency was a great little oldies station,
Oldies 96, with talent like Ron Dryer.  It was a great little radio station.
I had heard that the CHR format which followed was also very successful.

So, what happened?


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There was a shakeup among the Qantum stations within the past two weeks.
Morning guy Larry Egan was let go from Cool 102, and other staff/shift
are ongoing as well.  96.3  The Rose format is the biggest loser here.
Apparently the last book was not very kind to the Quntum folks with the
exception of
WXTK, which seems to be holding its own.

John B.
Centerville, Cape Cod, MA
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