DTV Follies - NHPTV

Laurence Glavin
Sun Feb 15 15:09:44 EST 2009

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>From: "John Bolduc" 
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>Subject: Re: DTV Follies - NHPTV
>Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 19:41:56 -0800 (PST)

>NH Public Television has stated they are sticking to switching on 
>Feb 17 to prevent a $60,000 expense to extend until June, which 
>there is no room in the budget for.  Channel 11 analog has already 
>been at 50% power since around the beginning of December 2008.
>John B
>Derry NH
That's Methuen I get 'NO SIGNAL' at all from WENH-DT channel 57,
but when I turn my digital-to-analog box off, WENH-TV channel 11
comes in just fine (not quite as well as the closer WMUR-TV
channel 9, but ok nonetheless).  I'm looking forward to WENH-DT
on channel 11 to see how well it performs.  It will be
the only DT-on-VHF I can expect to receive until June.
(The other: WHDH-DT channel 7)

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