Delay on WODS-HD3

Brian Vita
Sat Feb 14 11:30:01 EST 2009

I did my non-scientific test last night in my studio.  With a simple
straight wire antenna in the office at 11PM WBZ-1030 was listenable but with
a whistle, WBZ-HD was very clean but has always seemed excessively "bright"
and spitty, WODS-HD3 sounded like FM talk.  If I were in the mood to listen
to BZ at that time it would have been in the reverse order (HD-3, HD, WBZ).

This "test" was done in Peabody using a Sangean HDR-1 tuner.


> WODS-HD3 definitely sounds better than regular WBZ here, but that's in
> part because the only radio that gets an acceptable analog signal is
> my Sony 2010, and I have to keep it on narrow filter to avoid an
> irritating heterodyne.  I do think it's too bassy; I wonder if they're
> using the same processing as the analog.  I can't decode WBZ's HD
> here -- too much QRM.
> -GAWollman

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