Delay on WODS-HD3

Aaron Read
Fri Feb 13 10:40:19 EST 2009

It's not the STL.  All FM multicast channels have an inexplicable delay 
of approximately 90 seconds; it happens in the IBOC encoding processed. 
Last I checked, nobody had really figured out why....and the encoding 
algorithm and procedure is all a "black box"; despite valiant efforts 
the NRSC ultimated voted to allow iBiquity to keep that part of the 
standard proprietary.  And it's not a priority for iBiquity to figure 
out, so odds are we'll never know why it happens.


Personally I think it's kinda handy, since it usually takes a minimum of 
10 seconds to tune to a station's multicast channel and hear audio.  So 
a nice fat delay means I don't have to worry about missing any part of 
the show.

Question for those of you in Boston: which sounds the best?  WODS-HD3, 
WBZ-AM or WBZ-AM-HD?   I mean, of course each sounds DIFFERENT, but 
which sounds the best to your ears and why?

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I don't really know what sort of delays are considered typical for HD3
signals, but the WBZ audio on 103.3-3 seems to be about half a minute
behind the (already delayed) 1030 audio.  Are they running it off a
stream or something?  Surely there must be a low-delay audio path from
1170 over to Birmingham Parkway!


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