WBZ 1030 on 103.3 HD2

Ron Bello rbello@belloassoc.com
Fri Feb 13 09:44:52 EST 2009

WBZ is almost unlistenable where I live on the south side of Natick.

Back in 1975 Norm Graham, CE at the time of 'BZ, sent me out to Route 
27 / Main Street
in Natick to try to determine to source of electrical noise that was 
causing complaints.
Couldn't find it but it is still there.

Hopefully, Entercom will do the same to WEEI and WRKO so we can 
listen to the Red Sox.

PS - Have yet to hear a legal ID for WODS HD-3.

At 08:44 AM 2/12/2009, SteveOrdinetz wrote:
>On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 8:17 AM, Maureen Carney <m_carney@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Yesterday morning around 6:57 I was listening to WBZ in the car. 
> At the end of the segment, Deb Lawler mentioned to "listen to WBZ 
> in HD on Oldies 103.3 HD channel 2" (or something to that effect). 
> I haven't heard it since, and there's no mention of it on either 
> the WBZ or Oldies 103.3 web sites. I'm not going to go off the deep 
> end and predict this is a precursor to moving the AM format to FM, 
> but how many people have HD radios to take advantage of this?
> >
>What does this gain WBZ?  Anywhere 103.3 is audible, 1030 comes in
>just fine as well.

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