top TV personalities????

Donna Halper
Wed Dec 30 14:59:30 EST 2009

At 02:44 PM 12/30/2009, Larry Weil wrote:

>Well, I think Randy Price may be the only person who has been an anchor on
>all three major network affilites in Boston.

I thought of Randy too-- I liked him back when he was with channel 4, 
and I am so glad he was able to turn his life around, get sober, 
marry, and continue having a career in TV news-- even though he is 
(gasp) older, and the industry seems to be getting rid of older 
reporters.  I find Randy very credible, as I find Jack Williams very 
credible.  Newscasts need some of the veterans, in addition to the 
young, up-and-coming types who may not know as much as they think they do!

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