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Subject: Invitation to WTAG Open House

Hello All,

  The WTAG site in Holden will be open to any and all in the radio
community, Saturday January 16th, 10 AM - 4 PM. This transmitter site
was built in 1936 and the towers have been banging out five kilowatts on
580 ever since. Whatever WTAG documents, logs, equipment, photos and so
forth I have inherited or came across, have been collected at  the site.
The materials are not well documented. Sorry I do not have it catalogued
with dates or details. John Andrews, former Chief Engineer, agreed to
attend. John is a fountain of information about the station and he does
know details and dates. I noticed recent list interest in WTAG TV. The
TV applications are all there, I have read them and it's a fascinating
political story. In any case, you are welcome to eyeball it all. We'll
even spark up the homebrew Tesla coil!

  Plan on some food and drink about lunch time. I'll cover sandwiches,
drinks and coffee but I need some idea of how many. If you plan on
attending please respond via email. A response is not required but might
insure you get a sandwich. If you happen to be around and want to stop
by, please do. Looking forward to seeing and meeting you next month. 

73 Dan


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