top TV personalities????

Donna Halper
Wed Dec 30 14:35:28 EST 2009

SO my friend is an editor, and we were discussing the important role 
that the broadcast media still play in people's lives.  She is 
thinking of setting up a tribute website to the top 5 personalities 
in each major market-- top 5 in radio, top 5 in TV. (I've got lots of 
photos of radio folks, though not that many from TV at this 
point...)  Anyway, I don't think 5 is enough, but I digress.

So, having thought about the top radio personalities in town (btw, 
thanks to those who mentioned Dale Dorman-- I totally agree), I was 
thinking of the top TV personalities in Boston and immediately came 
up with more than 5-- like Liz and Jack, or Chet and Natalie, or Rex 
Trailer, or Major Mudd, Jack Chase...      

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