top radio personalities in Boston?

Donna Halper
Mon Dec 28 13:44:35 EST 2009

At 07:57 AM 12/28/2009, Dale H. Cook wrote:
>This thread has brought back plenty of memories. I'll second Arnie 
>Ginsburg and nominate another announcer from a very different period 
>at WMEX - John Garabedian.

I used to love listening to John H. Garabedian.  And Arnie was my 
cultural hero-- the inspiration for my getting into radio.  Ah yes, 
remember when disc jockeys could inspire people?  My parents loved 
Bob Clayton and Fred B. Cole and we always listened to Bob and Ray, 
as well as Ken and Bill (remember then-- Ken Wilson at the organ, and 
Bill Green at the piano, if my memory serves...).    

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