Waterbury, CT Area Radio Pictures

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 07:20:07 EST 2009

The towers are always lit up. The left most tower in the pic used to hold
WATR-TV and the right most tower used to hold WATR-FM.. at least that's what
I think because the lights on the left and right towers arent actually at
the top of the towers themselves, they are 20 or so feet above them on top
of a red mast like object,

They do have a pretty nice facility, nice automation system.. a brand new
Harris DAX6 transmitter and etc.


On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 6:12 AM, Dan.Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net>wrote:

> I had always thought that WATR had only two towers, but I see that it
> uses the two end towers for the 1 kW-N operation (figure-eight
> pattern) and all three towers for the 5 kW-D (single lobe mostly to
> the north). Basea d on the day pattern, I assume the site is south of
> Waterbury. Am I right? Even more suprising is that the towers are a)
> just barely taller than 200' and b) all three are illuminated. Is
> there an airport nearby? If not, it's rather strange that WATR didn't
> get permission to illuminate only the center tower. Since the distance
> from the center tower to each end tower is less than the height of the
> towers (albeit, just barely), the FAA would normally agree to allow
> illumination of only the center tower. Or did you get someone to turn
> on the lights on the end towers so that you could get that cool
> picture? ;>).

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