Dave Tomm
Wed Dec 2 00:19:33 EST 2009

660 has a killer signal throughout all of CT, the best out of all the  
big NYC AM's.  WFAN normally gets around a one share in Hartford, and  
that has continued even after Imus left.  WABC is not as strong in the  
central part of the state as WFAN, and Imus has a lot of longtime  
listeners in Connecticut.  WCCC-AM figures they can make a few bucks  
running Imus.  He has a built in fan base in the market who would most  
likely tune in, if they can publicize it.

-Dave Tomm

On Dec 1, 2009, at 12:28 AM, Alan Tolz wrote:

> Dave, you're right on target.  And Dan, I'm relatively ignorant of  
> the technical specifics, but I know that the CE operates by the  
> letter of the Commission's law re: power at all times.
> All the while WFAN had Imus, Hartford County stations were unable to  
> gain access to his programming.  As I'm sure everyone knows, Imus'  
> advertisers don't see ratings as the be all and end all.  I think  
> that WCCC AM will be providing a service to those who like Imus but  
> don't receive him as well at 770 as they did at 660.

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