All-classical 99.5

Tue Dec 1 09:29:16 EST 2009

Well, it's 9:00AM, and the first piece Cathy Fuller is playing is a
symphonic arrangement of Tea for Two! Fine with me, but I can't wait
to hear Mr Glavin demonstrate that he is as adept at venting his
spleen at the WGBH Foundation as he was at excoriating Nassau and
Charles River Broadcasting before it. Never mind that the symphonic
arrangement was by Shostakovich; I can't imagine Laurence accepting
Tea for Two as classical.

I didn't tune in until about 8:15 so I don't know whether 99.5 is
still doing traffic and news in AM drive. If not, I'd call it a
mistake. If they think the listeners will skip down to 89.7 for
news/weather/traffic and then quickly return to 99.5, I think they are
wrong. Many will skip down to 90.9 and won't come back to 99.5 that

Also, I had expected underwriting announcements from most former WCRB
advertisers. After listening for an hour, I have heard zero
underwriting. IMO, the station doesn't sound right without the

And the equalization on Laura Carlo's mike needs tweaking. The lows
are kind of boomy. Also, does anyone else have trouble distinguishing
Laura's voice from Cathy's? You have to be really alert to notice that
the host changes at 9:00.

At the 9:00 legal, I did not notice WCRB-FM-HD listed. I did notice
IDs for both WGBH-HD 89.7and WNCK 89.5, but does this mean that
WCRB-FM-HD is silent or will the service that was on WGBH-HD 89.7 be
moving to WCRB-FM-HD 99.5?

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