1200 and 1430 not a simulcast this afternoon?

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Sun Aug 30 12:12:29 EDT 2009

On 29 Aug 2009 at 17:30, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

> You appear to be confirming speculation that has been running wild on
> this list for the past three or four days: That WKOX 1200 will be
> flipping to ESPN sports and replacing WAMG 890 in that role. Such a
> flip need not affect WXKS (AM), since its coverage lies entirely
> within WKOX's coverage area. What will happen to WAMG? The rumor mill
> here appears to favor its flipping to Spanish. I can imagine it might
> even flip to Rumba. And I can imagine that 1400 in Lowell and
> Lawrence, which has been //WAMG, might also flip to Rumba. There is
> very little overlap among the coverage areas of 890, 1400, and 1430.
> Technically, there is no overlap at all at night.
That would certainly be a boon to UMass sports coverage.  It would be 
the first time in years that a station will be covering UMass sports 
with such a strong signal in Boston.

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