1200 and 1430 not a simulcast this afternoon?

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sat Aug 29 17:30:54 EDT 2009

You appear to be confirming speculation that has been running wild on
this list for the past three or four days: That WKOX 1200 will be
flipping to ESPN sports and replacing WAMG 890 in that role. Such a
flip need not affect WXKS (AM), since its coverage lies entirely
within WKOX's coverage area. What will happen to WAMG? The rumor mill
here appears to favor its flipping to Spanish. I can imagine it might
even flip to Rumba. And I can imagine that 1400 in Lowell and
Lawrence, which has been //WAMG, might also flip to Rumba. There is
very little overlap among the coverage areas of 890, 1400, and 1430.
Technically, there is no overlap at all at night.

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>I usually listen to la rumba on 1430 and noticed today they only
>mention "catorce treinta" and not "mil doscientos" along with it like
>they have been doing. When I tuned to 1200 there was programming in
>Spanish but it wasn't what was on 1430 at the same time. I haven't
>been following local radio recently, did I miss something about these
>two stations? (I hope at least one of them will remain la nueva
>umba  - I really like listening to the music they play).
> David Wilson

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