The plot thickens with sports media

Scott Fybush
Thu Aug 27 23:40:06 EDT 2009

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Now the domain currently resolves to WAMG but Reiss
> told me they have lined up another station that will have a much
> stronger signal.
> But who????

This is probably the first time in the history of all-sports radio in 
Boston that WBOS has been more or less out of contention as a 
possibility, isn't it?

Or am I overestimating the success (and profitability, given its 
jocklessness) of WBOS' current format now that the competition from WBCN 
is gone?

Of course, there's always Nassau and WCRB to consider as a contender, 
too. I suppose even 99.5 qualifies as a "much stronger signal" than 890, 
as long as you don't live where Garrett does.


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