new FM tower enrages Chicago

Robert S Chase
Sat Aug 22 13:06:13 EDT 2009

It looks like the antenna is set near the edge of the building and that is 
why it is visible from the street.
When one looks at the top view of the building using the satellite view in 
Google Maps,+Chicago,+IL&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=20.006629,35.947266&ie=UTF8&ll=41.885522,-87.621272&spn=0.001797,0.003439&t=h&z=18 
one sees that there is space for it to be located in the center of the 
building, however, they would have to build up structure there to support 
it. I'll bet if the antenna was located there it would not be visible from 
the street. Too bad the it appears the building managers continue to not 
care much about aesthetics. Anybody got any idea exactly where the antenna 
is located on the building. Is that the sort of thing that would be in the 
FCC database, if so where can I find it?

> Subject: new FM tower enrages Chicago
> Scott and Garrett and all
> Amazing how a little 75 foot FM tower is upsetting people in Chicago

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