new FM tower enrages Chicago

Scott Fybush
Fri Aug 21 17:16:00 EDT 2009

Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Scott and Garrett and all
> Amazing how a little 75 foot FM tower is upsetting people in Chicago

The funny thing is, from the comments you'd think WDRV had just moved to 
the Aon tower, when in fact it's been there for years, albeit with a 
very inconspicuous antenna with no radome.

If WDRV has to move, it will have to drop power slightly or go with an 
even more directional antenna, since it's very short-spaced to co-owned 
WWDV 96.9 Zion IL and several others as well. I'm pretty sure that's why 
it's stayed at Aon all these years instead of going to Hancock or Sears 
(yes, SEARS, dammit!) in the first place.


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