WDCR-AM 1340

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I think, in the case of the question being posed by a tower, the
proper response would be something like, "No, not at all, dear; after
all, you're quite tall."

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> ---- "Dan.Strassberg" <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:
>> Looks to be a fairly new tower. For whatever reason, the skirt
>> makes
>> the tower electrically very fat. Should be a very broadband
>> tower--good for IBOC;>(. Do you know whether the tower is grounded
>> at
>> the base? I'd imagine that it would be. Maybe the skirt wires are
>> so
>> far from the tower structure in the hope of avoiding problems with
>> the
>> skirt wires shorting to the tower structure in wind or ice storms.
>> Do
>> you know if that is the reason? Or maybe Dartmouth was thinking of
>> leasing space on the tower for purposes other than AM and the
>> spacing
>> was made wide to avoid mechanical interference between any added
>> antennas and the skirt wires. There appears to be a story here! It
>> could be interesting to get "the r-r-r-rest of the story!"
> never heard a TOWER ask if "this skirt makes me look fat?" before.
> this is a first for me in 30 years of radio.
> and just for the sake of discussion - what IS the proper response?
> i know i usually "hear a noise outside" whenever my wife asks
> something similar...
> --Chuck Igo

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