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These days "wouldn't be any problem" usually turns out to be an overly
optimistic assessment, even with little ND Class C AMs. They must now
serve at least 80% of the CoL population at night, and with the high
NIF's on graveyard channels, that often turns out to be either
difficult or impossible to accomplish. For example, doing it from a
cell tower that is not also used by another Class C AM licensed to the
same community can be quite problematic in communities in which the
population is not tightly concentrated in a small geographic area. The
commission has been known to make prospective owners of Class Cs that
have lost their Tx sites apply repeatedly for different sites before
approving a site that met even the minimal technical standards for the
station class. It helps if the abandoned operation fell well below the
minimum accrptable nighttime coverage. Then the FCC will accept a
proposal that covers more of the CoL population than the old
operation, even if it doesn't come close to serving 80% of the CoL
population. (Ref: KYPA.)

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>> I doubt a buyer would want the tower and I doubt you can move much
>> outside
>> Hanover and still Deliver a city grade signal during the day and 80
>> percent
>> interference free signal at night.
> But Hanover has four full-time stations, so there wouldn't be any
> problem in moving one of them to some place else -- say, West
> Lebanon,
> where it would be first-local-service.
> -GAWollman

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