WBCN's last days

Alan Tolz atolz@comcast.net
Tue Aug 11 16:00:50 EDT 2009

There have been more "driveway moments" over the past 72 hours on WBCN then 
there have been in the past 10 years of radio all over the Boston dial.  It 
is both heartening and very sad to listen to what radio USED to be...when 
shows were a reflection of the talent that was on the air.  They paced the 
show...they picked their own music...they spoke with us and to us in a way 
that made us loyal to their show and to the station on which they operated. 
By and large, it's all gone now.

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> Has anyone been listening over the last couple of days?  I've been 
> recording some of it via their web stream.
> The stories and nostalgia and music, if you listened back pre-90's, I'd 
> say, has brought back a lot of memories, of DJs and bands I'd almost 
> forgotten about. I've heard interviews with Billy West and Tom Sandman, 
> Ken Shelton, Jerry Goodwin(the Duke of Madness).  Oedipus did a show last 
> night, played some great music and great stories. Charles L. was on 
> yesterday afternoon, being as strange as always.  His shtick was that he 
> wanted to read a very long list of people he worked with, to say thank 
> you. I also heard an interesting interview with Jonathan Kraft.
> Tami Heidi is due to be on this evening around 8 PM.  I hope to be 
> listening for the last couple of hours 10-12 when Bradley J is supposed to 
> be shutting it down for the last time.
> I admit that "My" station back in the heyday of punk and new wave was 
> 101.7 - funny how hard they struggled and now they are the survivors.  I 
> don't listen much anymore, but ocasionally some new music squeaks through 
> that I actually like.
> Many of my friends who've moved out of the area are surprised and sorry to 
> hear about BCN.  We think things will never change, but of course they do. 
> Internet radio, HD radio, XM radio, radio apps on the itouch (which I 
> love!) have all changed the landscape of radio as we knew it.  I'm only 
> 50, but I wax nostalgic just the same...
> This video of Oedipus with Emily Rooney may interest you.
> http://www.beatthepress.org/blog/ralph-ranalli/389
> RIP The Rock of Boston,
> Phyllis
> WCUW 91.3 Worcester
> "Shirim" Sunday nights 8-10 PM

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