The Boston Post and Boston radio

Donna Halper
Tue Aug 11 09:40:51 EDT 2009

At 09:11 AM 8/11/2009, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>As you said, Donna will have the definitive word. However, I tried
>googling "Boston Post" radio station and got many hits, most of which
>were of no use. One, however (probably written by Donna), discussed
>some sort of connection between the Post and WLEX, a distant forbear
>of today's WWZN. It does not appear that the Post had any financial
>stake in WLEX. but some Post writers may have worked there. They also
>wrote columns about the station and programs heard on it.

The Boston Post very temporarily owned WCOP in 1954, and yes they 
were involved with greater Boston's first TV station, W1XAY. More on 
this later-- I'm off to a meeting. 8-)  

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