Dave Tomm nostaticatall@charter.net
Sun Aug 9 16:16:45 EDT 2009

IIRC, there will be a jockless, automated version of "WBCN" on 98.5's  
HD2 channel. You may hear old audio of jocks interviewing artists  
during in-studio performances from the archives occasionally, but  
that's about it.  WBZ-AM will be on 98.5's HD3 channel.

Meanwhile, WBMX will be on 104.1 HD1, and their all 80's channel,  
currently on 98.5 HD2, will also make the move to 104.1.  I forget  
what will be on 104.1 HD3.

-Dave Tomm

On Aug 9, 2009, at 12:36 PM, Bob DeMattia wrote:

> Perhaps I missed this on the BRI discussions.  The WBCN website  
> declares
> "The Rock of Boston Moves to 98.5-2FM on August 13".
> So this means 'WBCN' programming will continue on the HD2 channel?
> Clever, since on most radios you have to stumble across the HD1  
> channel
> to get to the HD2.  Since the target audience is similar for both  
> formats.
> - Bob

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