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I'm quite sure that WAAB moved to Worcester in the 40s. It was
probably 1943 but could have been earlier. '43 was when the FCC ruled
out duopolies. That ruling resulted in the sale of many stations. But
Sheppard did not want to give up the (by then) 1440 signal, so he
moved it out of market. Donna Halper must know the exact date! WAAB
moved so far out of market that a decade later (1954, I think),
just-built WHIL, which had started life with 250W-D on 1540, but
quickly discovered that its signal caused prohibited overlap with
third-adhacent WMEX, threw itself on the FCC's mercy and asked the
Commission to find it a new frequency. The new frequency was
1430--first adjacent to WAAB, which was already barely receivable
within what is now Route 128--err, 95. In '54, 128 was either still a
local road or had only recently opened as limited-access highway.

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> Sox were on HDH from 1947 to the end of the 75 regular season when
> they moved to WMEX for the playoffs. Yawkey was angry they had
> switched to a soft Top 40 format and MEX agreed to switch to MOR and
> got the team.
> The team had been with WNAC or WAAB before then. Not sure when AAB
> moved to Worcester.
> http://sonsofsamhorn.net/wiki/index.php/Category:Red_Sox_Broadcasters

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