Nat Whittemore Retirement

Ted Larsen
Mon Aug 3 06:50:40 EDT 2009

I mentioned he has one of the driest senses of humor I've ever encountered and here's a great example. It was in the early '80's and I was early morning reporter for WBZ Radio. About 5am the police radio send a call for a shooting at the Ramada Inn garage next door.  It's was a quick run for me with Nat arriving seconds later, both of us before the police or anyone else. Sure enough there was a guy shot in the head, lying again the rear window of a Red AMC Marlin. Within minutes the scene is teaming with police, EMT's and every station in town. With all of the flashing lights it looked like a movie scene. 

Just as dawn broke an elderly couple from Iowa  left the Ramada with their baggage. "Oh, my," said the woman,"  what's going on here?"

Nat quickly replied, "Just a drill mam, just a drill."

"Oh very realistic," said, "very realistic."

The details of the shooting are quite interesting. If anyone is interested, just write me.

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