Fw: The Real Bob Oakes.

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Hi did you get this? Not trying to be pushy, but I think it helps clean up 
the confusion folks had over "Bob Oaks." You can eliminate this text


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> Yes, Bob Oakes #1 was on WEEI and Bob Oaks #2 was 'BZ PD.  He was boss for 
> several years when Jack Pluntze was my news director.
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>>>For decades, I've been under the impression that the WBZ Bob Oakes and
>>>the WBUR Bob Oakes are the same person. You are telling me that this
>>>isn't so. But I could swear that I heard someone on 'BZ years and
>>>years ago who went by the name Bob Oakes and who sounded just like the
>>>WBUR Bob Oakes. Besides sharing the name, do the two of you also sound
>> Actually, the Bob Oakes on WBUR had been on WEEI back when it was a news 
>> station.  According to the Fitchburg Sentinel, the Bob Oakes on WBUR is a 
>> graduate of Mt. Wachusett Community College (1974) and he came to WBUR 
>> when WEEI changed format.  There is no mention on the WBUR bio nor on the 
>> Sentinel story that he ever worked at WBZ, but he may have...radio people 
>> do get around!

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