extending FM band down to 76 MHz

Sun Aug 2 19:35:22 EDT 2009

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>>You left out one of the biggest potential users--AMs. Many  of the
proposals to extend the FM band to 76 MHz have been coupled with  the
suggestion that AMs either receive preference in the extended FM  band
or be required to move there. Canada has not completely shut  down
AM--yet--but the number of AMs has dramatically decreased there in  the
last five years. I could see extension of the FM band as a means  of
shutting down AM in the US--perhaps with a last-minute reprieve  when
the idea that FM can't readily serve large areas (something that  every
broadcast engineer already knows) finally sinks in with  the
bureaucrats and pols, who will get the message when their  constituents
realize what is happening and start to  complain.<<<
If the FCC allowed this tomorrow how long would it take to reach critical  
mass with radios and or converters to receive this new band?  It would  
probably be like early FM or early HDTV and that is pump RF into the air to  
keep your license.
Mike Hemeon

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