extending FM band down to 76 MHz

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But there are places, such as Philadelphia, where, apparently, no UHF
allocations exist for the VHF TVs to move their DTV signals. WPVI is
therefore stuck on Channel 6. (In Schenectady, WRGB is also stuck on
channel 6, but through its own pig-headedness; a lot of people in the
Capital District must be saying, "I told you so." Maybe there is a UHF
channel or a high-band V channel that it could use.) Now high-band V,
though not as good for DTV as UHF, is better for DTV than low-band V,
and I don't think any station in Philadelphia has taken over Channel
10, which was used there for Analog TV. So if you accept 174-216 MHz
for DTVs that couldn/t find a home on UHF, maybe it would be possible
to clear all TVs off of Channels 5 and 6.

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> It makes sense.  Both VHF-lo and VHF-hi have been proven in the
> "real world" to be totally sub-par for Digital Television compared
> to UHF, >

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