The Real Bob Oakes.

Sat Aug 1 16:20:52 EDT 2009

For decades, I've been under the impression that the WBZ Bob Oakes and
the WBUR Bob Oakes are the same person. You are telling me that this
isn't so. But I could swear that I heard someone on 'BZ years and
years ago who went by the name Bob Oakes and who sounded just like the
WBUR Bob Oakes. Besides sharing the name, do the two of you also sound

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I'm curious if the Bob Oakes at WBUR is a real Bob Oakes as in his
given name.  If not, what is his real name and when did he adopt the

This Bob Oakes was Program Manager at WBZ from 1968 - 1976.

Info is appreciated.

Bob Oakes
born 12/18/41

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