Keating Willcox kwillcox@wnsh.com
Wed Apr 29 20:50:12 EDT 2009

Thanks for the mention. WNSH was able to increase power when WPEP 
AM 1570 Taunton, 1 KW nd went off the air. The engineering was thorough 
and available on FCC.gov. As to content, we welcome additional talk outlets 
as the best antidote to poor news coverage. 

Talk radio has important news that contains details about the government 
take over of the medical system, the new cap and trade crushing tax, and the 
fact that those paper masks people are buying are useless against this virus, 
(You need to get a paint respirator from Home Depot), that COMEX gold 
futures are not backed by anywhere near enough gold, and that stock brokers 
routinely refuse to deliver stocks to their customers, giving only an 
IOU(without telling the customer). The broker goes broke, the customer is 
out of the money, and the  recent Rasmussen shows Republicans in the lead 
for a generic congress vote.

Oh, the main stream media is all abuzz about Michelle's sleveless style, the 
White House dog, and a history of MIT pranks. 

Talk Radio from the right and the left is a chance to hear serious news in 
detail. Live talk radio has the additional disinfectant of allowing different 
viewpoints in realtime. Nothing would be better for this market than a good 
non-NPR source of progressive ideas pace Jim Braude.


Keating Willcox

WNSH AM 1570
Women's Talk Radio, For Women, By Women

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