DOT-FM Re: WXZO format change to oldies?

Jim Hall
Sun Sep 21 19:22:22 EDT 2008

I get the same noise most nights here in the Andover area until 11 PM or
later most weeknights. As you say, it's mostly on the upper end of the AM
dial. It's not on all night, so I've assumed it was something that is shut
down on a particular schedule. I generally do not get it on Sunday nights,
but sometimes do get it on Saturdays. I was thinking it might be something
they are doing at one of the local high tech firms that is producing RF
noise. I enjoy listening to WWKB 1520 from Buffalo, and some nights I just
have to give up on it.

>I have a curious noise on the upper end of the AM band all the way into the
>shortwave spectrum after sundown every night. It's a steady rat-a-tat-tat
>that sounds something like the shortwave "Russian Woodpecker" of the '70s
>and '80s, but without the variations in volume. I can receive it on my car
>radio for about 1/10th to 1/8th of a mile in either direction before it
>fades out. What does that sound like to you? If it's something in the power
>lines, would it do any good to call the utility, especially since the
>problem only manifests itself at night?


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