Uncle Dale's replacement...

Kevin Vahey kvahey@comcast.net
Fri Sep 19 17:20:07 EDT 2008

It is hard to conceive that WBZ could be moved to FM but in this day
and age why not?

The internet has eliminated one of the big advantages the clear
channels had in keeping displaced people in touch with their home
city. When I lived in Chicago 20 years ago I needed WBZ to keep in
touch with what was going on in Boston. That of course is no longer
the case.

Also years ago people in northern New England used to listen to WBZ
for big city radio but now how many people really care about Boston
news 100 miles away.

Making 1030 all sports it could compete on its own with the WEEI
network given the signal.

Also by bring Lobel back in the fold he could be brought back to
Channel 4 part time for Sports Final and Patriots coverage which have
slipped since he left.

In New York moving WINS to FM would solve the signal proplems on 1010.

Just might happen.

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