changed metro-Boston transmitter facilities (1200, 1330, 1600)
Tue Sep 16 08:46:23 EDT 2008

Yes, many European stations can be heard on AM in the metro-Boston 
area.  The Bordeaux station on 1206 is one of the better ones and shows 
up here most nights.

The following 3 things will help:
(1) Location near the coast - I do OK here 15 miles inland, but if I 
take a little ride up 128 to Gloucester and Rockport, I really clean up.
(2) Directional antenna - especially a cardioid pattern with a null 
west or southwest.  This sounds like something big and cumbersome, but 
such a set-up can actually be implemented with elements that fit on a 
car roof.
(3) Receiver with narrow IF filters - Drake R8B, Icom R75, RFSpace 
SDR-IQ, AOR-7030, etc. and (for you old-timers) R-390A, 51J4, SX-28A, 
HQ-180A, etc.

Listening at the right time helps too.  Local sunset is best, 
especially near the shore, though reception can be had up to Euro-dawn 
which is midnight or a bit after here.

I have made recordings of overseas DX as heard at a variety of sites in 
eastern Massachusetts over the years.

These are posted at "".

Friends of mine have provided me with a couple of audio clips of 
WBZ-1030 that you might find interesting.  One was made on Midway 
Island in the Pacific and one was made in Australia - about as far as 
you can go without a spaceship.

On the site there are also clips of Boston's 850 heard in Ireland and 
1510 heard in the UK and Sweden (better than you can get them in 
Framingham for sure).

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

Yes with the proper receiver you can get France, Portugal and Algeria
near the coast.

On 15 Sep 2008 at 21:53, wrote:

> At night, WKOX-1200 doesn't even seem as good as it was from
> Framingham - a greater distance.  I was thinking it would be much
> stronger.  It's still over CFGO all right, but not comfortable copy.
> Heck, tonight France on 1206 was within 15 dB of it !


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