changed metro-Boston transmitter facilities (1200, 1330, 1600)
Mon Sep 15 21:53:12 EDT 2008

Three stations (WKOX-1200, WRCA-1330, and WUNR-1600) apparently are all 
transmitting from a new antenna set-up at WUNR's site in the southern 
part (Oak Park section) of Newton near the Charles River.

The area is marshy and should be capable of providing reasonable 

I'm thinking that these stations are still running something less than 
their allotted power levels since all three have unimpressive signals 
here (roughly 16 miles north of them).

Maybe the new combo antenna set-up is directionally impaired towards me.

At night, WKOX-1200 doesn't even seem as good as it was from Framingham 
- a greater distance.  I was thinking it would be much stronger.  It's 
still over CFGO all right, but not comfortable copy.  Heck, tonight 
France on 1206 was within 15 dB of it !

WRCA-1330 is much poorer, day and night, than it was from South St. in 
Waltham (a site admittedly closer by 5 or so miles).  The NYC 
co-channel now regularly gives it grief at night.  WRCA used to be 
fairly clean.

WUNR-1600 changed antenna but not site.  It is poor now at night: 
sometimes blown away totally by WWRL-NYC.  In the old days I could get 
reasonable copy of their night time Irish show.  Not so now.

Things may change when everyone is at full power.  For the sake of the 
station owners, I would hope so.

I am located in the Pinehurst section of Billerica about a mile from 
the Route 3A / Route 62 junction.

GC= 42.5332 N / 71.2205 W.  I am only 2.9 miles (air) / 4 miles (road) 
N of WRKO-680 and 15 miles (air) / 20 miles (road) NW of downtown 
Boston, so certainly not "in the boonies".

Mark Connelly, WA1ION 

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