Now Radio

Roger Kirk
Mon Sep 8 16:46:24 EDT 2008


I can't believe how close you sound to Jeffrey Lozenge.


Bill O'Neill wrote:
> Wouldn't be a Monday without Scott's NERW column.  On the WJJZ 
> stunting from jazz to "Now" Scott writes, "Now" arrived at 9 o'clock 
> Monday morning, when WJJZ exited its stunt with the now-ubiqitous 
> "Don't Stop Believing," then launched into a brief, selective recap of 
> the history of Philadelphia radio before announcing a "new" approach 
> to adult contemporary radio...."
> One has to wonder how "new" and  exciting  this new NOW approach will be.
> "Now, new is the new Now. We're different, we mean new. Now, what do 
> we mean by the new Now? Well, we never 'stop believing' and you 
> shouldn't either.  Whatever that means.  Now, we don't know why we 
> here at Now played 'Don't Stop Believing' when the very next thing we 
> did was ended whatever it was that you were actually believing in.  
> But now, we're the new Now and here's Ned Nowry with the Now-tastic 
> News Now.  Weather Now, Sports Now, and Music Now follows News Now. 
> Did we mention that we're new?"
> Bill O'Neill, now.

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