Now Radio

Bill O'Neill
Mon Sep 8 16:42:36 EDT 2008

Wouldn't be a Monday without Scott's NERW column.  On the WJJZ stunting 
from jazz to "Now" Scott writes, "Now" arrived at 9 o'clock Monday 
morning, when WJJZ exited its stunt with the now-ubiqitous "Don't Stop 
Believing," then launched into a brief, selective recap of the history 
of Philadelphia radio before announcing a "new" approach to adult 
contemporary radio...."

One has to wonder how "new" and  exciting  this new NOW approach will be. 

"Now, new is the new Now. We're different, we mean new. Now, what do we 
mean by the new Now? Well, we never 'stop believing' and you shouldn't 
either.  Whatever that means.  Now, we don't know why we here at Now 
played 'Don't Stop Believing' when the very next thing we did was ended 
whatever it was that you were actually believing in.  But now, we're the 
new Now and here's Ned Nowry with the Now-tastic News Now.  Weather Now, 
Sports Now, and Music Now follows News Now. Did we mention that we're new?"

Bill O'Neill, now.

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