Analog TV xmtr

Scott Fybush
Mon Sep 8 16:25:55 EDT 2008

Jeff Lehmann wrote:
>>> What is to become of the soon-to-be defunt analog TV transmitters?
>> If they're new enough, they can be converted to digital.  Otherwise,
>> they will probably be stripped for the metals and any still-useful
> I suppose they could also be sold to stations in other countries that will
> still be using analog transmitter for a while longer.

Some will, undoubtedly, but most won't.

Most newer transmitters, especially the solid-state ones, can be 
converted to digital simply by changing out the exciter and some of the 
filtering. Only very old transmitters, which actually had separate 
amplifier cabinets for visual and aural signals, will be rendered 
obsolete by the transition - and those transmitters are usually so old 
and so inefficient that there'd be little demand for them, even in other 

This transition has been in the works for long enough now to give most 
stations a chance to plan ahead in their capital budgets as part of the 
normal replacement and upgrade cycle.

For larger station groups, there are even plans in place to move 
transmitters around after February. A lot of DTV stations are still 
operating without backups, and that will change as former analog 
transmitters are repurposed.


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