WEEI radio network in Maine

David Tomm nostaticatall@charter.net
Sat Sep 6 23:28:03 EDT 2008

Normally only 850 carries BC.   Providence and Worcester occasionally  
run games, but not often.  I don't know about Springfield.  My guess  
is that there's not a lot of audience for BC sports outside of  
Eastern Mass.   Either that or the BC rights only cover 850 and  
limited games on Worcester and Providence.

I know a lot of people who listen to WEEI, but not in the morning.   
D&C essentially have the extreme wingnut audience that would normally  
listen to WRKO if it wasn't for Finneran.  They also inherited much  
of Howard Stern's listenership once he defected to satellite.  Jerry  
Callahan is so far to the right that he makes most rational thinking  
conservatives look like Ted Kennedy.  His act wears thin quickly and  
John Dennis is a humorless empty suit, but they have their audience.

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Sep 6, 2008, at 10:17 PM, Dan Billings wrote:

> WEEI debuted in Maine on September 1st.  They are on 95.5/95.9 in  
> southern Maine and 97.1/910 in Bangor.
> The morning show really is hideous.  Is that what passes for major  
> market these days?  I do like Dale & Holley.
> Today, 95.5/95.9 was carrying Sporting News Radio, while 97.1 was  
> running Fox Sports Radio, which I guess WEEI uses on the weekends  
> and overnights. 95.5/95.9 could not carry Fox Sports because it is  
> on 970 WZAN Portland on the weekends.
> I also noticed that the network stations in Maine were not carrying  
> the BC football game which was on 850.  I wonder why that was?

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