PSA - Digital Conversion

Sun Oct 19 16:25:21 EDT 2008

Hilarious! My mom died in 2004; she was 104. At one point when she was
in her 90s, I bought her a new pushbutton telephone. After I bought it
but before I brought it to her, I started to worry that she wouldn't
be able to use it because the only phones she had ever used were dial
phones--for the last 60-some years, and before that, phones that were
answered by an operator when you lifted the receiver. (Anyone else
remember "number pleeyuz?") Well, I shouldn't have worried; despite
her absolute trepidation about using anything that she called a
"machine," the pushbutton phone did not faze her. (She NEVER learned
to properly tune an analog-tuned radio and watching her try to tune a
radio was quite an experience!) I could never explain why she took so
easily to the pushbutton phone. I did not even have to explain that
you "dialed" it by pushing the numbered buttons one after the other.
She just seemed to understand. Maybe she had watched other people
using pushbutton phones when she visited their homes and figured it

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> For a laugh, you have to watch this Youtube faux PSA called:
> PSA - Digital Conversion
> What a great spoof!

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