Bruins game shifted to 103.3

Mon Oct 13 10:46:37 EDT 2008

Don't you suppose that management picked the FM with the
oldest-skewing audience on the theory that older listeners would be
the most likely to want to hear the game in lieu of music and a lot of
them would want to hear the debate and so would tune to the AM, where
the game would normally be heard? Therefore, moving the game to 103.3
would inconvenience the smallest number of listeners. Also, by now,
moving the Bruins to 103.3 is kind of a no-brainer because they have
moved Bruins games there enough times that a lot of people kind of
expect them to be moved there, rather than to any of the other FMs. I
know the reasoning is kind of convoluted but you tell me whether it
makes sense to you.

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> Maureen Carney wrote:
>>Because of the presidential debate on Wednesday WBZ has shifted the
>>Bruins game that night to Oldies 103.3. Just wondering - trial
>>balloon for things to come? They could have just as easily picked
>>one of the other FMs.
>   Bruins games have been shifted to Oldies 103.3 in the past, IIRC,
> on election nights or for debates in past years. I too wonder why
> management chose WODS instead of their other FM's (WBMX, WBCN, WZLX)
> to carry the Bruins games when WBZ is carrying debates/election
> night coverage.
> Mark Watson

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