Sox network still way late with legal ID break

Fri Oct 10 10:36:58 EDT 2008

At one point, the Sox night games were on 1330 (WDLW) as well as on
1510. This had to be before 1981 because 1981 was the year that 1510
(I think it was WITS by then) turned on its new 50 kW-U signal from
411 Waveley Oaks Rd on the east edge of Waltham. WDLW transmitted from
750 South St on the west side of Waltham and though there was a deep
null to the west in the 1510 night pattern, the 1510 signal did reach
South St, so there was no need for a second affiliate in Waltham.
Actually, the combination of the old 5-kW 1510 night signal from
Squantum and the WDLW signal covered the market pretty well inside
128, even after the new State St South office complex, just west of
the old 1510 site in Quincy, totally decimated the 1510 night signal
to the west of the Squantum site.

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> Kevin wrote:
>>The next season the Red Sox discovered WMEX had problems with signal
>>at night and WMEX leased time on WWEL. When that signal became
>>they moved to WPLM and when WITS went bellyup WPLM took over.
> I actually started listening to the Sox on radio whe they were on
> WWEL. I got very upset when they flipped to KISS108 and to this day
> cannot listen to that staion. They took getting a listenable signal
> at night for Sox games away from me! That's when I got into AM and
> started to find other teams - Mets, Yankees, Pirates, Indians and
> Expos (in French).

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