Sox network still way late with legal ID break

Thu Oct 9 19:28:32 EDT 2008

At 09:22 PM 10/8/2008, Matt S. wrote:

>She did?  LOL !  I used to run the board during the games on WKBR 
>Manchester in the mid 80s and WPLM was not on the was 3.5 
>phone lines and it was just the rebroadcast WPLM signal.  Everything 
>went down the line and since they often would not follow the log 
>they sent affiliates I would often get caught off guard and a local 
>WPLM ID or spot would get on the air in Manchester. One word 
>described the Red Sox network in the 80s...clutter@#$%.

Wasn't WPLM the Bruins' flagship around that time too?  I know they 
were in the late 80s, and the network feed was right off the 
board.  The upside was that at least there wasn't any dead air if you 
were in the can or something when the break hit.  The downside was 
that they used the same cue for both local and network spots, so if 
you weren't following closely you'd get out of sync with your breaks.
Bruins games were on satellite by the late 80s, and it was the worst 
feed you could imagine.  Started out early in the season sounding OK, 
but by mid-season the audio was so noisy as to be almost 
unlistenable.  More than once did I have to call WPLM & get a phone 
feed.  The GM just loved those phone bills...probably more than we 
billed for the game.

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