Sox network still way late with legal ID break

Kevin Vahey
Thu Oct 9 22:47:02 EDT 2008

In fairness WPLM followed in the footsteps of WMEX/WITS which made a
complete mess of the Red Sox Network.

Up until 1975 the network ws run by WHDH who then subcontracted the
network infrastructure with Hughes Sports Network who established a
microwave setup. I remember WGIR was a major relay to points north.

That fell apart at the end of the 1975 regular season when the Red Sox
moved to WMEX for the playoffs after a bitter dispute with the new
owners of WHDH.

The changeover was a disaster. WHDH always had a on site engineer for
both home and away games (Al Walker) and took pride that they never
lost a signal. It took WMEX all of 3 games to do so and Ned Martin had
to do the final inning from Oakland via phone.

WMEX even wanted the announcers to run their own board at the park
until IBEW said no.

The next season the Red Sox discovered WMEX had problems with signal
at night and WMEX leased time on WWEL. When that signal became KISS108
they moved to WPLM and when WITS went bellyup WPLM took over.

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