Sox network still way late with legal ID break

Jeff Lehmann
Mon Oct 6 16:06:48 EDT 2008

> Could be; on WBOQ you hear something like this:
> "(Dana Hersey) Howie Carr! Weekdays--"
> (-- WBOQ board op quickly inserts)
> "...North Shore 104.9"
> OR when WEEI is doing it:
> "(Jim Cutler) This is Wednesday night baseball--" or
> "(Jim Cutler) The Big Show with the Big O--"
> (board op quickly inserts)
> "North Shore 104.9"
> > BTW does WRKO just send the Boston feed to the affiliates? The reason
> > I ask is on their stream has all local WRKO breaks including
> > ID instead of a clean network feed.

It seems like WBOQ is picking up a different feed than the rest of the
network. I've heard other stations on the network miss their legal ID, and
you'll just heard the roar of the crowd in the background where the ID
should be. If WBOQ misses their ID, the WRKO/WEEI one is there.

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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