Spam: WCBS Newsradio 880 in HD, FM that is!

Brian Vita
Fri Oct 3 01:39:37 EDT 2008

> > The radio doesn't default to silence at any time. It's falls to
> > analog whenever it doesn't get an adequate digital signal. It
> > gets typical analog FM static on unused frequencies. It's not
> > like a HDTV on which you can switch it to receive only digital
> > signals.
> So what happens when you're listening to HD-3 and it loses the HD-3
> signal, but still can get the HD-1 or HD-2 signal?

[Brian Vita] I don't think that it works that way.  I'm pretty sure that you
either get an HD signal or not.  If you can get HD, you'll get HD-1, HD-2
and HD-3 in the same data stream.  If the HD signal is wonky, you'll get
none of the above.  Keep in mind that the ability to send the -2 and -3
streams, doesn't mean that they're actually in use.


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