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Thu Nov 27 12:09:50 EST 2008

I have egg on my face! WBIX CE Grady Moates called me to let me know
that what I said I heard could not have been caused by any testing of
WBIX's IBOC equipment. That equipment is NOT now connected and never
has been connected. What's more, there is NO current schedule for when
testing of that equipment might take place. We quickly figured out
that what I heard had to be KYW's IBOC sidebands on 1050 and 1070
thanks to daytime skywave. And why was KYW's analog signal not audible
under WBIX's analog signal on 1060? Because the radio's (CC Radio
Plus) AGC cranked the RF gain way up when the radio was tuned to 1050
and 1070, where only the sidebands were present, and way down when the
radio was tuned to WBIX's strong daytime analog signal on 1060. My
apologies for the erroneous report.

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> Although WBIX does not appear to have
> IBOC on as I write this (Thanksgiving day morning), I am pretty sure
> that that was what I heard yesterday (can't recall whether it was in
> the morning or afternoon). Since WBIX is third adjacent to WBZ,
> which
> runs IBOC full time, I had the dubious pleasure of hearing
> contiguous
> loud hash on both 1040 and 1050 (not to mention 1020 and 1070).

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