Manilow Disorder

Mark Watson
Thu Nov 27 10:45:50 EST 2008

Maureen Carney wrote:

>More torture can be had with these 70s favorites - "Let Her >In" (by John 
>Travolta) and "Convoy". My brother and I >debate which one of those is the 
>worst song of the 70s. He >says the former, I say the later.

My wife perfers "Let Her In" although "Convoy" is OK in small doses! IMHO 
John Travolta recorded that song along with others for an album in 1976 to 
capitalize on his fame and make him the "teen idol of the week" thanks to 
his role in "Welcome Back Kotter", the theme from said show topping the 
charts in 1976. Of course, Travolta topped the charts with his duet partner 
Olivia Newton John 2 years later with "You're The One That I Want" from the 
movie "Grease".

    All of the above songs were played as currents on WLLH, WCAP, WRKO, 
WABC. Now the only one that plays often on WODS, WCBS-FM, and other fine 
oldies stations is "You're The One That I Want". The other above mentioned 
songs, plus the others that were mentioned by others are in rotation at 
WLNG, WIRY and Barry Scott's "Lost 45's".

Mark Watson

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